Preparing for your session

Preparing for a photo session can be overwhelming.  I would like to offer some advice I have collected along the way, related to both clothing and ensuring the session goes as smoothly as it can go.



  • Choose a colour palette and coordinate around it (instead of matching).  You can start with the person who is often most difficult to dress, or start with one item (a dress, a woven wrap, a bouquet of flowers).
  • Choose pieces with beautiful textures on your palette. Textures are lovely in photographs and help you preserve the feeling you had at the moment the photographs were taken.
  • Consider the season and the colours of your surroundings, but also consider your home décor and how the framed photographs will look on your walls.
  • Try to choose solid colours and muted tones. Choose pieces that accentuate the features you love about yourselves.
  • Bring along your child’s favourite toy if you feel he or she will help feel more comfortable. Bring bubbles, snacks, flowers, accessories - whatever you feel might make them feel more at ease.
  • Consider bringing a cozy blanket on which to sit that goes along with your palette.
  • Other helpful tips include brushing teeth and hair just before leaving, bringing along a comb, lint brush and wipes for little ones' faces.
  • While at your session, try to stay open-minded.  You have done your research and you have found a photographer whose style speaks to you.
  • Remember the most important goal: Photos that are relaxed and natural. Preparing for a session can be a stressful event, so try to leave plenty of time to get ready and keep it as stress-free as possible. When we are together, we may walk, play and build rapport before taking pictures in order to achieve a natural, candid look. Finding beauty in our authentic selves is key!

Let's find perfection in the in the imperfections, the moments in between that make us unique.

Candice maternity-167
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Sheedy McLellan-151
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